Thoughts at the end of the world

A cat receives oxygen from a firefighter.

This article has given me a terrible sense of melancholy. (Click through; there are 31 more excellent photographs.)

Maybe it’s because I am at an ending of my own (last day on my old job!), but I feel like, if we really DID know the world was ending, and there was nothing we could do… posting and reading things like this is exactly what we would do—look at things, try and remember the beauty and humor and sweetness of the world, and hope that the memory could survive without us, to permeate the universe and just somehow make that barren endlessness a *better* place. So what if the concepts of beauty and happiness don’t exist without people to observe and feel them? I don’t believe in any of that new-agey “positive energy” stuff, really, but… after all the people are gone, the lifeless universe will be a better place for us each having laughed and cried.


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