Across t3h Multiverse

I had a rather strange experience just now.

I do a lot of my blog reading aboard the bus in the morning (my battery is often dead by evening), and yesterday, during my read of Dinosaur Comics, I read the story of Samantha, a Canadian living in Britain, who saw someone wearing a Qwantz t-shirt.  She struck up a conversation but never got his name, and wondered whether they might speak again.  So she had Ryan North run a personals ad.

“… In the space of about five minutes, we talked about how restricted formats can encourage more interesting art, from Dinosaur Comics to Wordsworth’s sonnets; we talked about Ryan North and Jeffrey Rowland’s dextrous use of CAPITALS, and the immense meaning that can be conveyed through the absence of punctuation; we talked about how I was late for my tour of the BBC. And then, totally flummoxed by your awesomeness, I suddenly realized we were at Wood Lane and burst off the train without getting your name or giving you mine. I kicked myself all damn day. I’d love to see you again.”

Today, we are let in on Tube Guy’s response. And, spoiler alert, it’s not favorable.

I’m incredibly flattered – it certainly made my day. Unfortunately for Samantha I’m not single, and my girlfriend isn’t keen on me running off with someone I met on the tube. I know because I checked. It would have been a beautiful story to tell the grandchildren – sorry to disappoint everyone!

I felt a familiar twinge on reading that, as I’m sure many of you did.  How many times have you found somebody wonderful, only to find them taken as well as wonderful?  And there’s always this complete lack of surprise: “Of course they have someone.  They’re awesome.”  It’s never happened to me QUITE so publicly, though, which I’m sure can’t please Samantha all that well.

I wonder how many times each day this scenario plays itself out, to the mild disappointment of all.


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