Short Cuts, Independence Day Edition

  • “I graduated. I’m single. Watch my movie.” According to my friend Matt, that’s just about all I’ve said since I got home two weeks ago. Well, that and random relevant song lyrics. I’ve basically always been like that, but I guess I hadn’t noticed until now. I’ve been insulated.
  • I kind of hate being special again. In high school, I was interesting, you know. I was the guy who could play radio songs and theater songs on the piano for people to sing, I was the smart guy. Then I got to college, and after the initial shock of being very small in a sea of incredible talent, I took to the idea of learning from people. And just when I’d managed to find a crowd I liked hanging with, I graduated, and now I’m back with people who tell me to “Do Coldplay!” I knew I missed college, but I didn’t know I was gonna miss it this badly.
  • My friends here (and, I suppose, at Northwestern) are mostly younger than I am – and the ones that aren’t are doing longer programs in college.
  • Is it odd that I want to be back in Evanston even though most of my friends and the people I like are at their own homes elsewhere? I say “friends and the people I like” because I have this sort of intimation that a lot of people I consider friends would not say the same of me.

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