The Alone Week

Watch “The Alone Week” on Tumblr

I took a class in Webisodes Production this quarter, and while it was ten weeks of unmitigated awfulness (mainly ‘cos the professor is so terrible I had to invent a word – he’s a yoolck), it lit a bit of a creative fire under me. Mainly I wanted to see if I can do any better than the attempt I was actually graded on, a bit of entertainment-news-blogshit called Radio Fragile. (Don’t bother watching, it’s pretty horrible.)

As the dorm emptied today, much faster than I expected, I thought to myself, “Man, I’m gonna spend all of next week posting looney videos on people’s Facebook walls and making music videos.” Then I thought – why not let the world in on it?

Don’t worry, some of these will still show up on people’s walls, especially folks I’ve actually seen use the Facebook Video facility themselves. (I tagged people I thought might be potential walls. If you really don’t want me sending half-crazy musings to your wall, say hey, but I promise not to embarrass you.) But you can follow everything from the videos to photos to random quotes and musings at I’m not going to try to be entertaining – it wouldn’t be if I did. I’m just going to do what comes into my head, which I expect should be pretty strange after a few days with minimal human contact and food from Plex West.


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