Guilty Pleasure II

Read Part 1.

My last night in town, before a fantastic night of Monopoly ass-kicking by my friends Chelsea and Trisha (and then just Trisha… um… we won’t talk about it), I took another drive. A little farther this time. I’d never been to Stockbridge, and the name has always appealed to me. It’s a pleasant little town of around 650 people, a bar called Gobbler’s Knob, and not much else. In daylight I’ll bet it has a pretty good view of Lake Winnebago, but in the dark it sat alone on a high plateau above fields and emptiness.

Just outside of Stockbridge, I realized that my current path would take me to Fond du Lac, where I did not particularly wish to go. (Nothing against the place, I’ve just already been.) I hauled out our dilapidated road atlas and decided to see if I could make it to Dyckesville, on the grounds that it has a funny name and is located right on Green Bay, possibly with a view. I turned onto E, then onto 32/57 toward Hilbert.

Near Greenleaf, I realized I wasn’t going to make it to Dyckesville in the amount of time I had before my date with the girls, but fortuitously, Greenleaf is the site of one of my favorite views in Wisconsin or anywhere. I swung right through the new Greenleaf Roundabout and on up the Niagara Escarpment, pulled off onto a little road, and snapped this picture:


The view at night from the hill above Greenleaf, Wisconsin.

It’s just about the only time I’ve wished I had a better camera. You can’t see a thing, but I saw a sea of lights, the entire Fox Valley spread out before me. It puts me in mind sometimes of those views of Los Angeles you always see in movies, but it’s more than that – quintessentially Wisconsin. During the day you can see farms as well as cities, and it’s one of the most stunningly beautiful things on Earth then, too.

Someday I’ll show it to you. And perhaps one of these days, I’ll drag you along to Dyckesville or someplace with me. Door County. Never been there, that’s supposed to be pretty, and not as far away as I thought, maybe an hour’s drive…

And off I go again.

Read Part 3.


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