The Rules, Part I

I reserve the right to amend/change/reverse these rules at any time and not be called a hypocrite. Most of them aren’t my rules anyway. Deal.

  • “Your” and “You’re” are not interchangeable, and the first one is not a synonym for the second. Use them correctly or I cut you.
  • You cannot be “bored of” something; you are bored with it.
  • You cannot be “different than” something, you are different from it.
  • Pictures are hung. Criminals are hanged.
  • Borrow is a received action: you can borrow a pencil. You cannot “borrow someone” something – you lend it to them.
  • The first “r”s in the words library and February are not silent.
  • Your eggcorns are not my language. It’s “midriff”, not “mid-drift”. What, pray, is drifting there?

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