One Woman’s Opinion

I just heard a woman on the radio say, “I’m just so proud of those men and women over there, because they’re fighting to keep us free and keep those Muslims out of our country.”

She actually said that.

I don’t know if she meant “terrorists” and thinks the two are synonyms, or if she’s just that bigoted.

But now I’m pissed off. This is why fundamentalistism is dangerous. I guarantee to you, if I were to engage this woman in an argument, I would not win, despite the fact that she’s inarguably wrong. I’m not even just talking about her positions and their moral rightness: “those Muslims” weren’t even trying to come into our country, and there’s no need therefore to keep them out. (Not that there’s any need anyway. I don’t think we should be basing our immigration system on someone’s religion, except maybe to keep people like her out.) (I’m joking, of course.) But these Crazy Christians™ think that just because “I’m right because I know I’m right” is a valid argument for the existence of God (which, honestly, it is, which you know if you’ve ever been religious), that it’s automatically a valid argument for anything else. And it doesn’t matter if you have reference material handy or not, you can inform someone that they’re wrong and these people will just go, “Well, actually, no, you’re wrong.” And that’s pretty much their whole argument.


I can’t believe people think it’s okay to think they’re better – somehow fundamentally better – than other people. Well, at least I can rest assured knowing I’m better than people who think like that.


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