Blogger Threatened By Meat Seller

After Jeremy Hooper, the guy who writes Good As You (get it?), appeared on an episode of In the Life (which airs in major markets on some PBS affiliates) he got some nasty mail from a commenter identifying himself only as “Straight Person”, which I’d like to reproduce for you here.

I just saw your clip on T.V. I know your not going to change who you are. I know what I have to say, your not really going to give a shit about, however you have this site so I’m posting on it.

You CAN’T just expect everyone to be okay with you, and your life. Your a fag, and that fine, but keep it to yourself. Trust me, if I ever walk by you on the street with my kids and I see you kissing or holding hands with some dude, I’ll brake every bone in your gay little body. Keep your shit behind closed doors, so children can’t see you.

I know your going to say “oh here is another person who is out to hurt me because I’m gay, oh the life I have to live”. Your wrong dude, I’m just giving you the “kick in the pants” you like to give the rest of the world, as you said on the T.V show. Now Ms.Honest, how’s that for truth?

As if the guy wasn’t enough of a moron, he left his e-mail address when posting the comment. So Jeremy did some absurdly easy and time-cheap research and discovered that the commenter is one Nick Peronace, who runs a company called Enterprise Steaks. I suggest a boycott, not that you were buying steaks any time soon anyway. Also, go read the whole post over at Good As You. It’s kind of hilarious.


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