[adult swim] Ad Campaign Causes Bomb Scare in Boston

So, if you watch Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, you’ve seen a legal notice about a public danger and Boston or something. You might not have given it much thought, but I sort of went, “WTF?” and went looking. Turns out it’s not a joke.

I honestly can’t wrap my head around this. WHAT THE CRAP, BOSTON? Listen to some of these quotes.

“Scaring an entire region, tying up the T and major roadways, and forcing first responders to spend 12 hours chasing down trinkets instead of terrorists is marketing run amok,” [Rep. Ed] Markey, a Democrat, said in a written statement.

But Coakley, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and others said the statement offering an apology was not enough, and did not rule out criminal charges or a civil suit to recover the estimated hundreds of thousands of dollars it cost the city to respond to the bomb scares… “I just think this is outrageous, what they’ve done … It’s all about corporate greed.”

See, here’s my problem. First of all, you’d have to be a complete and utter moron to think one of these things was a bomb:

A photograph of the front of the bomb.

The LEDs in the shape of a Mooninite lit up the front of the alleged bomb - actually a viral marketing campaign.

Second, how about this line:

“Turner Broadcasting said the devices had been in place for two to three weeks in Boston; New York; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; San Francisco, California; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”

In other words, the residents of Boston were the only people bothered by the campaign, and yet they think they have the right to sue because they couldn’t figure out what nine other cities, including Chicago and New York (how dare Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis invoke the name of 9/11?), have been fine with for the past three weeks. And that comment about “corporate greed”… they’re suing because … ugh. I can’t even write about this anymore.


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