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I’m getting tired of seeing my friends’ Facebook profiles hacked and their sexualities changed. There are a number of reasons for this, most of which stem from the fact that it tends to make people wonder. This goes double if the person is dating a girl at the time (what’s she supposed to think?). Anyway, I don’t see the humor. Look at it this way:

  • If the person is not actually gay (as most likely they are not), you’re starting a vicious rumor. It shouldn’t be vicious, because there’s nothing wrong with being gay, but many people think there is and it’s liable to damage a person’s reputation, especially if they live in a place that’s not so friendly to homosexuals.
  • If the person is actually gay, you’re forcing them out of the closet. Some idiots think this is a good idea. I say it’s a matter of personal acceptance and readiness, and if they feel comfortable enough they’ll come out when they come out. End of story.

I therefore decree that you should cut it out.

There, that should do it.


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