The Weight of the World

A political cartoon depicting a man with a sheep under his arm, little hearts flying around his head, as they apply for a marriage license in New Jersey.

Sean Delonas's cartoon for the New York Post.

I’m beginning to tire of cartoons like the one above, and not just because they are personally offensive to me.  There’s a point that’s just not getting through somehow, and the idea that there are millions and millions of people who looked at this cartoon and went, “Yeah! Right on!” makes me sad, makes me feel like I’m fighting a battle I really don’t deserve to have to fight.

I’m blogging about it because I don’t think writing a letter to Mr. Delonas would do any good. He’s not going to change his opinion, and he wouldn’t read it anyway in all likelihood.

But has it ever occurred to any of these people that, while two adult men or two adult women have a legal standing, a sheep couldn’t sign a marriage license because it’s not a person? The idea that “the perverts’ll want to marry their pets next” is illogical for many reasons, not least because animals do not have the same legal standing as people.

Personally, if I were a worried conservative, I’d worry about what I expect is, in fact, the next logical step – trying to lower the age of consent. It’s between 14 and 16 in other developed countries like Britain and Australia, and I bet there’ll be a move to change it here next. But if they want to go on drawing gross s*** like this, I guess that’s the cartoonists’ business.


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